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The good news: We do not take into consideration your credit score rating when determining if we are going to fund your deal. We look at the project and evaluate the profit potential and your ability to complete and disburse the asset. We look at the home and evaluate its potential value, if you are improving the home.

Hard money financing, it’s more about the home and less about the borrower. Asset based investor financing is just that, ASSET BASED. These products are available on any properties that investors would like to purchase, if the investor is looking for Trustee Sale properties, HUD properties, pre-foreclosures, short sales, Bank REO’s, or other distressed sales, we’ve got you covered.

Why Hard Money?

Professional real estate investors choose hard money because of its speed and convenience. Because Hard Money Lender’s only take the asset in to consideration, the turnaround time for loans can be as quick as 24-48hrs. Our staff will retrieve a driving report of the asset, determine its value, provide the borrower the final terms and conditions, and finally fund the deal. As with traditional loan closing all transactions are handle through Title Companies.

Typical Hard Money Loan Types:

– Purchase or Refinance

– Bridge Loans

– Land and Lot loans

– Non-Owner Occupied Investor Loans

– Commercial Deals

– Fix and Flip

– Fix and Hold

– Jumbo loan

– Trustee Sale

– Auction Properties

General Loan Guidelines:

– Rates: Up to 18%

– Terms: 6-month up to 5yrs

– Loan to Value: Up to 80%

– Termination fees: Up to $2,000.00

Prepay payment: Prepayments are welcome, the lenders ask for a guarantee of one month interest to be paid, in the event the loan payoff is made prior to day (30) of the first month. These types of loan programs are for investors and are explicitly for non-owner occupants.

Most used Scenario:

The bulk of the investors who use hard money are professional real estate investors looking to purchase discounted property. They generally purchase at trustee sale auction or through short sale transactions. The property are typically either fixed up and flipped or held in a rental portfolio for the term of the loan while the professional investor finds renters. These types of loan programs are for investors and are explicitly for non-owner occupants.

Additional Lenders:

We value our lender relationships with, and welcome ANY inquiries OR loan requests for deals that cannot be closed by your company. Just call or submit your project for review. Your time is valuable and we make getting answers fast and easy!

All loans are underwritten and approved in-house. This allows us to create quick loan solutions using the collateral property’s equity.

How to get started:

If you are seasoned pro and are looking for immediate take down financing you can contact Craig at the information below. He is a season loan originator and will be able to answer all your questions.

Private Money Lenders, Who Are They:

The typical private money lenders are smaller non-institutional lenders’ such as local or regional mortgage banks, and private entities, who work with professional real estate investor in an effort to provide funding, based on the value of the real estate acting as collateral.

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